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Subject Source: Local sources

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Harmonies of Liberty: A Divertissement in the Spirit of 1789 by Lucia C. Stanton, (April 1989), E332.2 .A5 1989A

Identifier: id3973
Scope and Contents An account, divided into scenes as of a play, of transatlantic friendship in Scotland, France, and America in the early years of the French Revolution. Dugald Stewart (Scottish professor and brilliant speaker), neighbor to poet Robert Burns, and Jefferson, lover of Scottish ballads (including the pastoral dialect of Burns’ poetry), came together in Paris in 1789 as witnesses to the events surrounding the Estates-General convention and the storming of the Bastille. Jefferson also found in...
Dates: E332.2 .A5 1989A

Home Thoughts from London by Ann Lucas, (November 1994), E332.2 .A5 1994N

Identifier: id3985
Scope and Contents Diary entries from Ellen Randolph Coolidge’s travels in Great Britain in 1838-39 serve as a record of the political, social, and artistic life of London, ranging from the national loyalty to young Queen Victoria, to the tasteless nature of superfluous columns in architecture. Her adventures in London, the English countryside (Cowes), and Edinburgh evoke memories of life in Virginia. She recalls tales of Europe told by Martha Randolph (educated at the convent in Paris) and Thomas Jefferson...
Dates: E332.2 .A5 1994N

Jefferson's Marches by James A. Bear, (April 1967), E332.2 .A5 1967A

Identifier: id3238
Scope and Contents Several anonymous pieces were composed in honor of Jefferson to commemorate such events as his inauguration, and the song "Jefferson and Liberty" was "virtually the song of the Democratic Party" up until the Civil War.
Dates: E332.2 .A5 1967A

Mr. Jefferson's Upright Piano by Helen Cripe, (April 1972), E332.2 .A 1972A

Identifier: id3537
Scope and Contents John Isaac Hawkins of Philadelphia, a multitalented friend of Jefferson’s with a knack for machinery and music, invented a small upright piano which Jefferson bought from him in 1800. Hawkins wrote a piece for the instrument with lyrics by Rembrandt Peale, but the upright would not stay in tune and proved, as did Hawkins’ claviol later, a poor investment.
Dates: E332.2 .A 1972A

Musical Entertainment, (April 1966), E332.2 .A5 1966A

Identifier: id3237
Scope and Contents Program: Five dances / John Dowland (1605) -- Since first I saw your face / Thomas Forde (1607) -- Now spring in all her glory / Jacques Arcadelt (1515) -- Sonata in D minor / Benedetto Marcello (1686-1739) -- Chamber cantata: Gedanken an Phyllis / G. F. Handel (1723) -- Trio sonata in C major / Johann Christoph Pez (1716) -- Aria: Why should men quarrel? / Henry Purcell (1658-1695).
Dates: E332.2 .A5 1966A

Musical Entertainment by Lucia C. Stanton, (April 1991), E332.2 .A5 1991A

Identifier: id3977
Scope and Contents In six accounts, denoted by different locations, dates, and musical arrangements played and by whom, various instruments played or related to those played by members of the Jefferson family are discussed. A 1786 Kirckman was purchased by Jefferson and played by Martha Jefferson in Paris in 1789, and yet another given to Maria Jefferson in 1798. Jefferson encouraged musicianship in his daughters and subsequent generations (Martha, Maria, Ellen Randolph and her aunt Virginia Cary were all skilled...
Dates: E332.2 .A5 1991A

Musical performance, and brief note on "Jefferson and Music," (April 1964), E332.2 .A5 1964A

Identifier: id3234
Scope and Contents Jefferson’s passion for music and his purchase of a pianoforte are briefly mentioned. Includes the program of music perfromed at the dinner.
Dates: E332.2 .A5 1964A

Snowbirds and "Superior Beings" by Lucia C. Stanton, (November 1988), E332.2 .A5 1988N

Identifier: id3972
Scope and Contents Jefferson’s passion for the study of birds and climate led him to link the two in the manner of a phenologist. He collected mockingbirds (he owned several as pets and had a special favorite, Dick, who had a remarkable ability to imitate tunes and sounds), studied the winter habits of the purple martin, and enjoyed the sight and song of many others, including swallows and whippoorwills. Jefferson exchanged conjectures regarding the identity of various birds with Alexander Wilson, who sent...
Dates: E332.2 .A5 1988N